March 14, 2017

We are experts in servicing your skis and snowboards,

With a large expertise and very experienced ski techs, we provide high quality-service to repair or tune your skis


Yoann, Clément, Sébastien and Benoît, our 4 ski techs have an experience of many years at this position and will be able to make your skis brand new again. Our listening staff can advise you on what needs to be done on your gear, from a simple hot wax to a full tune. In any case it will optimize your glide and pleasure on skis.

What we do here at Eskiador Sport 2000

  • HOT WAX : We use an iron to soak the wax in the base of the gear. It improves dramatically the glide of your skis / snowboards and protect them from friction.

  • EDGES SHARPENING : We use a ceramic Reichmann industrial machine to get outstanding results : amazing precision of the sharpening angle (89°, 88°, 87°...), very high stability and performant edge hold, durability of the service...

  • STONE GRINDING : We use a stone to create a structure under the base of your material. It makes micro-grooves in it in order to evacuate the snow easier and reduce friction between the base and the snow. It makes you glide much better and keep the base safe. An adapted structure to the snow conditions is even more efficient and this is what we do : we make very narrow grooves when the snow is cold, and more rough grooves when the snow is humid and "warm".

  • FULL TUNE : We overmold the base in order to refill holes that can sometimes be serious for the health of the skis (as the humidity can get inside the wood core and make it rot for example). The process follows different steps : first we will fill the holes by melting ptex (raw material of a ski base), then we will grind the ski to make it flat again. For a nice finish and a perfect base, we use the stone grind and then we end it by sharpening the edges and give it a nice hot wax. They are brand new again !

Hot wax

Our prices 

- Hot wax : 15€

- Edges sharpening : 15€

- Edges sharpening + Hot wax : 25€

- Base grind / stone grind + Edges sharpening + Hot wax: 35€

- Full tune : 50€

- Extra fee for racing wax : 3€

- Big repairs, resticking, etc. : on quotation

High quality service, ready for the next morning

We guarantee that your gear is ready the next day in the morning at 8.30 when we open the shop, and before the lifts open.

We also guarantee the quality of the service, you will feel the difference.


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