March 28, 2017

If you are still unequipped, think about getting a helmet !

The helmet is essential when you hit the slopes, here is why


An accessory with many benefits

First of all, its main mission is to protect your head from accidents : in the first place from head traumas, but also from burns that you could get from a contact of your face with the snow.

A helmet will protect your face and skull, but it is also a comfortable accessory, it is warm ! All our helmets are stuffed with warm pads, especially over the ears, you will feel like you are in a cocoon.

Spread the word, nowadays, skiing without a helmet is not trendy anymore... They really bring this amount of style that you cannot get otherwise. 

An example for your children

Helmets are compulsory for kids in the ski schools, and very recommended anytime they ski, so they get used to it. But kids identify themselves to their parents very often. It is then your role to wear one and set an example. It is important to make them used to it so there is no hesitation anymore.

Some very attractive prices and a wide choice

In rentals, your helmet will cost you less than 30 euros a week...

If you want to buy your own, we have a wide range of prices, from 50 to 230 euros (visor helmet with photochromic lenses). In any case, they all offer the safety norms and will protect your from shocks.

We have more than 50 models so you can choose whichever fits best. Many colours and styles are available at Eskiador Val Thorens

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