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March 21, 2017

The photochromic technology in the goggles lenses

The principle

Photochromic lenses react to the surrounding light and adapts to it. Simply speaking, on the one hand, if the light is very high (the sun is shining), the screen will darken in order to reinforce sun protection. On the other hand, if the luminosity drops, the screen brightens up for a better terrain sight. Top of the range goggles cover 3 UV categories with one unique lens !

The advantages

They are several but we will focus on the two major ones.

First, the photochromic technology enables to avoid needing different goggles with different UV categories lenses. If one day you have been skiing with a category 3/4 lens during a whiteout day, you probably had a bad time, literally seeing nothing. A photochromic lens reduces dramatically this phenomenon by matching the conditions of the moment. Only one pair of goggles is now enough for everything.

Secondly, this type of lens will be also be awesome in sunny conditions, because it changes while your going through shade zones, without becoming blind. A high protection lens (S3 or S4) is clearly not as good as a photochromic one when it comes to skiing in shade zones.

Our range

We offer a large range of photochromic goggles.

Are you looking for good prices ? Go Loubsol, the brand is a pioneer of this technology in France, with very accessible goggles that fit well.

For the best optical quality, our Julbo goggles will answer your needs : incredibly fast reaction time, very low distorsion, performant UV treatment ...

Looking for the best fit and style ? Our Scott range is made for you, with very wide fields of vision and high quality details.


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